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Middle East Abstracts will be reorganized beginning in 2008 to incorporate more focused coverage on Islamic Europe and Islamic Southeast Asia, each of which have been presented more narrowly as part of the E set (Al-Qaeda & Jihadi Movements Worldwide) before now. This reorganization will make the coverage of these regional topics more comprehensive and easier to use. This change will involve the permanent redesignation of volume E(vi) as the F volume: Islamic Europe, and the addition of the G volume: Islamic Southeast Asia. Individual volumes of the E-series may still provide more comprehensive coverage of special topics, such as "UN Operations in Afghanistan", which was the entire Volume 31E(vi) in 2007.

Middle East Abstracts & Index 37A-D. 2013.
Middle East Abstracts & Index 36A-D. 2012.
Middle East Abstracts & Index 35A-D. 2011.
Middle East Abstracts & Index 34A-D. 2010.
Middle East Abstracts & Index 33A-D. 2009.

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Current Al-Qaeda & Jihadi Movements Worldwide (AQJM) volumes:

AQJM Volume 74. Rohingya Muslims & Myanmar. (37G))
AQJM Volume 73. Woolwich Atrocity (37F)
AQJM Volumes 70-72. Boston Marathon Bombing and the Chechen Mujahideen (37E(viii-x))

Al-Qaeda & Jihadi Movements Worldwide 1-74. $22,200.

Publications in Print (PDF)
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Individual volumes of Middle East Abstracts and Al-Qaeda & Jihadi Movements are available. All older Middle East Abstracts are available in print-on-demand copies.